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I’ve wanted to combine this blog and the New York Store blog for years.  And finally got around to doing it this morning.


So as you can see the new blog is going to be separated out from the store by the CATEGORY PHOTO_BLOG and organized with tags, such as Memoirs etc.

Here are all of the posts under Memoirs: Once I clean up the tags (what a mess) I’ll put up a nice tag cloud to make finding things in the blog easier.

There are a lot of benefits of combining the two blogs.  First off – there’s only one design to work on and make changes to.  Second, much easier to keep plugins and the WordPress install up-to-date.  Only need to take care of this stuff once rather than twice.

If I decide to change the blog theme – I only need to do it in one place.  And of course once I’m sure everything is working properly – I can turn off that second WordPress Install and cut the resources I’m using in half.  I might even make this second blog into a sub-domain – something like

Not sure if there’s a benefit to a subdomain or not – but it feels a little bit neater (not that that’s my strong point).


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