Got the 5D

The 5d and the 28 f1.8 are mine.  I just picked them up from my friend at Grand Central, and spent about a half hour shooting there at 1600 and f1.8.

Results of 1600 compared to 1600 on 40D – night and day.  1600 is 100% usable.  Will post pictures later.  On my way to do my usual duty – dropping off packages at Fedex.  I’m very happy looking through the viewfinder, and the camera seems quieter than the 40D.  A lower-pitched click.  Smoooth, shutter.  Nice to see things back at full frame, though I had gotten used to the cropped view.

Also nice, my batteries for the 40D work with the 5D as does my cable release.  All in all – a great deal for me.  I even had a chance to stick the camera on a tripod for a few moments at Grand Central at do some hdr.  That classic shot with the windows on the other side always being blown out – should be interesting to see what hdr can do since I have one of the bracketed shots at 1.5 stops under.

We’ll see…


Digital Silver Imaging (continued)

Now that orders are coming in again – I have a few that I’m going to try at DSI.  I spoke this morning with Eric at DSI and it was just a straight foward conversation and what I learned was that they use two common profiles: Adobe98 (which is what I’ve been using for years for b&w) and hmmm PhotoPro?  I forget.  Anyway, the fiber paper is the same Ilford Gallerie Fiber that I was using for years in the darkroom.  Can you imagine that?

I’d better calibrate my screen again – haven’t done it in a few months.  And just as I was speaking – a fourth order came through.  So it’s starting again.  I’m planning to do these orders through DSI, and send a physical proof from the inkjet along as a guide.

WCI would still be necessary for the really big prints – even if this works out (which I expect it will).

Things are turning around.  I found a place RediMat that has 12 x 16 Museum Rag with 12 x 8 openings at a reasonable price, if you buy enough (which I did).

And the next step is to prepare the files for DSI and see how it goes.  As I say, I’m hopeful that this works out.  Since these really are silver gelatin prints – and since that still means something to some collectors – well that may make it easier to sell at the higher prices.  We’ll see; but what I like is: they just do black and white prints (well they do scans and infrared conversions etc.) but basically they are doing b&w.  The idea of combining digital workflow with silver fiber prints – that is something that I thought about a long time ago.  And they are fairly small – again something I like.  Usually customer service is good at this sort of place that is essentially working with artists.

Digital Silver Imaging



Bodega, 110th Street.  Shooting hdr, does give me the feeling of working with a view camera.  I continue to see potential for this process, though I’m not sure how much comes through on the web since it is the detail and complete lack of noise that I find fascinating (from the 10mp 40D).  At any rate, it definitely has knocked the idea of needing a new camera out of my head.

Yes, it is the first time in my photographic adventure that I’ve been happy with the color results.  No, not completely naturalistic, a bit saturated, but still true enough in terms of hue.

Paper Delivery – Pre-Dawn

Times Square Paper Delivery.  Infrared and “faux” HDR


p.s. I’m doing so much color work lately that I changed the blog name.

p.p.s. No sales since I raised the prices.  Still too early to say that’s an issue, but I have gone back and added 5 x 7’s.  Then wait awhile and if still no sale, then I’ll add mats back.  And wait.  And then… well, then I can say that people won’t pay these prices and have to lower them and go back to doing my own printing, unless I come up with some other ideas.

Triboro (RFK) Bridge, Sunrise

Well I for one am still going to call it the triboro – though whether it should be Triboro or Triborough I don’t know and even if Lester says it is now the RFK Bridge, a rose by any other name still smells as sweet. Yes – more hdr.  I do finally have enough time to do more shooting and it is a great pleasure.  I go to sleep at night thinking about what I want to try next.  A great feeling.

I may rework this again and try and bring out Roosevelt Island (unless they’ve changed the name of that too).  I can’t quite get this web image to look like it does in lightroom, i.e. it seems lighter there, though it may just be the black background of Lightroom (which I should change I guess).