Selling Photography on Zazzle

It’s funny how things happen, especially as concerns creating a business plan for a small business. I’ve had the Zazzle Store for at least a year, maybe more and it has pulled in some money around the holidays but other than that it has been pretty dead.

So one day I took the next step and began to “fan” other Zazzle stores that I liked. And one of the stores “fans” my store. And now I go back and see how her store is structured and it gives me a completely new idea about how to organize my own store.

If you don’t know Zazzle – they sell photographs that are printed on a wide variety of products, from shirts to postage stamps. You set your own profit.

Anyway, I had organized my Zazzle store categories around the products that Zazzle sells. For example one category was stamps. Another category was t-shirts etc. The category thumbnails could only be one image…

Okay – forget all that. What I saw was that you could actually create a category for each image (which at first seemed like a crazy amount of work), and then you could use that image for the thumbnail. In essence creating a photography gallery of products. And so that’s what I’ve been doing. A lot of the “categories” are still empty, meaning I haven’t created the products for them yet. But in the long run, it works very well. First off, every time you add a new image, all those products are going to show up in the “recent” products section of the site. More people will see them.

Tip #2 – I’ve been using the mass product maker which will put the image on every product. And so long as you’ve created your image category for it, first, you can then select that all those products for that image go into the correct image category. It’s important because you don’t know what people are looking for.

Oh, the only reason that this is even worth mentioning is that each day since I began making this change I’ve gotten an order. That is very unusual.

See what I’m up to with my new and improved Zazzle store:


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