Photography Lessons in New York

I offer individual lessons for anyone who is interested in improving their photographic skills. The lessons range from post processing techniques (all sorts of programs) to selling photography online, to shooting techniques.  Unlike large workshops, you will receive individual attention that is geared towards your needs. I work with a range of photographers, from beginners to professionals.

If you are interested in basic, or advanced techniques then drop me an email at

BONUS: Any student will be able to make a fine art print (up to 24 x 30 inches) on my Epson 7800 with Ilford Gallerie Gold Silk Fiber Paper

Here’s a greater sample of my work and ideas about photography from my portfolio on Google Plus where I am currently followed by about half a million people who are interested in photography.

LOCATION: 243 East 83rd Street, Apt. 3B, New York (upper east side just west of second avenue)
TIME: Flexible (though Saturdays book quickly)
COST: $75 per hour. Payable in advance through Paypal. I can send a paypal invoice to you for your records and to pay online. (You don’t need Paypal to use it). If you want to schedule a set number of sessions at the same time, then we can negotiate a rate for that.

You’ve spent a lot of money on your equipment, spent a lot of time trying to improve your photographs – and with a series of short lessons or one longer one I can help you take the next step (whatever that is).

My own credentials: published in various newspapers including the New York Times, winner of many photographic awards, and frankly I have been at this for a long time – long before there were photo blogs – and I can also teach what I have learned which not something all photographers can do.

To schedule a lesson and talk about what you’re interested in learning – drop me an email at:


You can use this to place an order after we’ve talked about the lesson(s) a bit.

Length of Lesson
One Hour $75.00 USD
Two Hours $150.00 USD
Option 3 $225.00 USD


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