Donation Thank You

You deserve more than I can give you – but I will say: THANK YOU!

Whatever amount you donated, it just means a lot to me.  And I’ve added a picture of a photographer giving to a New York panhandler.  I am in a similar position except that I believe I give a lot of pleasure and even laughs with my posts and images.

Thanks again.

Dave Beckerman



6 thoughts on “Donation Thank You”

  1. Rick, there’s lot hundreds of thousands of people reading and viewing this stuff — 90K on G+ alone – so any little bit really helps me alot.

    Thanks again!


  2. Glad to help. Your street photography is really interesting to me Dave, and the tips you posted the other day were invaluable to me as a beginner with photography. Thanks mate.

  3. You have made a difference in my life. “Poets Walk” hangs in my office above my desk. It inspires my writing everyday! Thank you! and Salute! to my most favorite photographer.

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