Oh my. Another about Dave Beckerman page. Let me copy what I’ve written from my photo store site.

New photographers always want to know: How Did I Get Into Photography?

It’s a long story. I have worked as a screenplay writer, taxi-cab driver, bus-boy, can-carrier in a movie lab, custom color lab printer, programmer, and lighting director on feature films (the entire list of jobs is too depressing to list).

After working in the film world for ten years, and spending another decade as a programmer in the corporate world – I was propelled one day – or compelled – to try and make a living at photography.

Part of what propelled me back into photography (after my programming stint) was the realization that a properly mounted and framed photograph was a finished product; and that there was a good chance that I would get more satisfaction from this bit of art then weeks or years of managing programmers or compromising on movie scripts.

The photograph existed whether anyone liked it or not. Whether anyone bought it. Whether anyone saw it. No matter. It existed. It was complete. Photographs don’t need a committee of producers or vice-presidents to give them the okay. In the beginning, I was very happy to simply show my work to friends, and not try to make a business of it.

Meanwhile I kept getting promoted in the programming world – but wasn’t getting any satisfaction from it (to put it mildly). So I began my little experiment with selling photography.

  • * *

Equipment: That’s what photographers really want to know about.  In this blog most of the images were taken with the Canon 40D or the 450D which was modified to only capture infrared light.  90% of them, not that I could really be that exact, were taken with one lens: the Sigma 30mm f1.4.  And a few with the Canon 20mm f2.8.  I have one other prime lens, the Canon 50mm f1.4.

Just about all the images are ground up in Lightroom one way or another.  Sometimes for natural effects; and sometimes for the opposite.


One thought on “About”

  1. I’ve been motoring around the web, looking at so many different black and white photography sites – and those that I do really stop and spend time at are simply awesome. Breathtaking. Like yours. You can tell you have such a great eye for composition and lighting and whatever else you have that makes you have the instinct to capture something magical.

    I have been dabbling in so many things – I am an artist, a writer, an editor… (I have some great past jobs as well), but recently have picked up my very basic Nikon SLR and some black and white film and been having a ball.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I love photos that make me feel like I’m part of a story that’s about to be told. What a great gift you’ve been given.

    Thanks again,

    Jennifer Grecsek

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