Saga continues

Somebody up there must like me.

As I was settled into the idea of the mini a few things happened. All at once. Two large orders worth about 4k arrived

One order has potential to be worth substantially more.

At the same time I continued researching the minis. Two aspects were problematic. First was the speed of the internal drive: 5400 and the other was the memory limit : 4 gb. I’d really like at least 8 gb.

There are ways around the drive issue with a fast 800 external. But I think I can now afford a tower.

Also I want to be able to put fast internal drives in. In short I’ve got a lot of work coming in again and looking at the pros again.



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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

6 thoughts on “Saga continues”

  1. It’s not that big an expense when you look at it over a five year period. About an extra dollar per day to get the “tower of power”

    I just saw Paul Newman in the movie, “Someone up there must like me” a few night ago.
    I forgot how good that flick was…

  2. Dave, for what it’s worth, last fall, I decided to move my production off my laptop and onto a new desktop. That allowed me to buy a much more powerful machine with 8 gig of RAM, and a fantastic 25″ HD monitor. It also came with Windows 7–a much better operating system. Since Adobe allows two computers under their license (using only one at a time) it made economical sense.

  3. The minis were never designed or marketed for someone to use for pro use. They’re the low-end, inexpensive ‘switcher’ computer for someone who already has peripherals. Even if those orders had not come in, it would have been ‘pennywise and pound-foolish’ to go low-end for a slowish computer with little =room for growth for a business machine. (Or as my grandfather used to say, “I’m too poor to buy cheap.”)

    I’m generally not crazy about towers because if there’s a power supply problem it can effect (and potentially harm) everything. I’ve got 1Tb external drives I use for files and backup, and I don’t plug in the backup drives until I need them just to protect against possible electrical spikes or outages, like the multi-day outage parts of L.I. saw this weekend and week.

    Good luck with whatever you choose, but don’t cheap out.

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