PC to Mac, software costs

This is the transcript with Adobe chat.  I’ve changed the support person’s name to protect the innocent.

* * *

DAVE BECKERMAN: I am moving from a PC to a Mac.  Can you tell me what the cost would be for the native mac version of these programs? Dreamweaver (CS3), Photoshop (CS3), Lightroom (2.6 – current version).  Is this something that you can answer?

Rick : Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
DAVE BECKERMAN: Hi. Is this a subject that you can answer?

Rick : Hi Dave.
Rick: Please allow me a moment to review your request.
Rick: Dave, since you are changing the platform to MAC, you can do it only do it for the latest version that it your  Lightroom.
DAVE BECKERMAN: What would I have to do for PS and Dreamweaver? You can see the versions I have in the store. What would the upgrade cost?

Rick: So you can request for cross platform but you will not be able to come back for previous platform again.
DAVE BECKERMAN: Yes. I don’t want the previous platform.

Rick: Sure  Dave, you can upgrade Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS3.
Rick: For upgrading cost please allow me a moment while I check on this information for you.
Thanks. I’ll wait.

Rick: Thank you for waiting. One moment please.
Rick: I’ll be right with you.

Rick: Dave for upgrading, the cost of Dreamweaver would be US$199 and for Photoshop CS3 would be US$349 .
Rick: For further details please contact our Adobe sales team. Adobe sales team will further assist you.
DAVE BECKERMAN: Thanks. How to contact Adobe Sales team?

Rick: Dave, you can connect our Adobe sales team through phone support. Please feel free to contact them.
DAVE BECKERMAN: Okay — thanks.

Rick: Sorry for the wait. Please do stay online.

Rick : I will provide you with the contact number. Adobe sales team contact number is 800-585-0774 (Monday to Friday 5:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Pacific time))
Rick: Is there anything else I can help you with?
DAVE BECKERMAN: Nope. You’ve answered all my questions.

Rick: You are welcome. It’s my pleasure to help you. Thank you for contacting Adobe.  Goodbye!

* * *

Now, I know there are several ways to use PC software with the Macs.  Choices range from dual-boot, with Windows installed (boot camp)

Parallels and VMWare Fusion.  Again you would need a licensed copy of Windows installed, but with these guys you can switch back and forth between the two OS’s without rebooting.

But – and here’s my real question – can a virtual version of Photoshop (we’re not talking notepad here) really be as fast as the native version on a slightly underpowered mini (for example) or even on the top of the line.  Also, if I’m moving to the mac, wouldn’t it be nice to be using software with the UI for the mac… I mean, for the important programs, go all the way.  There may be some utilities that I use once in a while where it would be nice to simply switch back and forth between OS’s… and it might be useful in the beginning when I’m moving files around from the old to the new system…  But I will have to do a bit more research in terms of running Photoshop in virtual mode.  Dreamweaver should be fine.  It’s pretty lightweight.  and Lightroom I can get the conversion for free.  So it’s really about Photoshop, which honestly, I don’t even use that much.  At least not these days.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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    And I believe the test is still held once a year in Boston.

    It is because of remarks like this that Phill was made general secretary of the Photoblogger Society.

  2. “made general secretary of the Photoblogger Society”

    I told my wife it was for my good looks and renowned skills of diplomacy.

  3. Alan Turing was a mathematical genius who practically invented computer programming. His famous Turing Test refers to questions that you can ask to distinguish a human from a computer. Here are a few of those questions:

    1. Are you a Mac or a PC?

    2. Why is this night different from all other nights? (To be asked only on Passover)

    3. Do you have trouble rebooting if it snows again after you’ve shoveled the walk?

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  4. “can a virtual version of Photoshop …really be as fast as the native version”

    Never. Not possible on any system because there’s always processor overhead for virtualization as it is emulating a processor and a graphics card.

    In general virtualization is said to offer a 10-15% hit over native speeds for apps which are not heavy in graphics or 3D transforms. For me that’s fine because running Office and Quicken on my dual-core 2.8GHz Mac with virtualization is still noticably snappier than my 4-year-old PC was.

    Adobe is (slowly) rewriting the Mac version of Photoshop to take advantage of 64-bit and Apple’s GCD muticore processing and OpenCL, and I think a year from now you wouldn’t want to be running any Adobe apps in virtualization:


  5. Interesting.
    What about accessing and using the external USB drives that are formatted for the PC. I also have to consider that issue if I go to a MAC. Or, will the windows on the MAC eliminate the issue.

  6. Dave, wordpress apparently ate one of my posts (because it probably had a lot of links in it), so I sent you an email containing the info to your gmail address you use(d?)

  7. Dave, you can run Windows natively on an Intel Mac on a different partition with dual boot (bootcamp comes with OSX) – even triple boot if you wanted to use some flavor of Linux…

  8. Whoo….all this makes me head spin.

    Dave: In a nutshell, you really, really want a native version of the aforementioned apps on the Mac. Virtualization/emulation more-or-less works, but you’re taking a noticeable speed hit. And, in the event that you’re, say, popping for a Mac Pro (I’m helping a client pick one out now…there is the question of popping for a quad-core or eight-core Pro), you’ll want to get the most you can from it.

    Oh, about those PC-formatted drives: if they’re FAT-32 formatted, no problem; they should be visible on either the Mac or PC side. NTFS? PC only (though I haven’t hooked one up with an Intel-based Mac in a little while, so I might be forgetting something).

    – Barrett

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