Dead laptop part 2

I’ve transfered my photo business to a $350 netbook I bought last year.

60,000 images on the peripherals. It’s running lighttoom and i’m installing PS.

This is the bottom of the barrel.

But i’m getting orders out and it gives me a breather to research the switch to mac.

Of course after PS was installed I couldn’t get the guy to boot up. Stops at the welcome screen. Trying to get it into safe mode now.

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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

7 thoughts on “Dead laptop part 2”

  1. Besides a breathtakingly beautiful monitor that you would sell your soul for (24″iMac) what do you expect to gain from the Mac versus PC platform?
    I get the ‘designer space superiority’ argument, but from from a pure photographer perspective, what is the gain?

  2. I’m running LR w/ roughly 52k photos on a two year old MacBook Pro – Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.53 GHz, 5,400 rpm HDD and 4GB RAM. The thing runs like a dream. I also suggest spending $200 on AppleCare. This is essentially a guarantee you’ll have a great computer for three years minimum.

  3. Bob – I would like a stable OS. Every night MS wants to patch my system. I can turn it off. I can go through each one and decide whether to install it or not. But I never know what it’s going to do to the system.

    The PCs usually start off okay… and as time goes on the OS becomes flakey. I fully understand that drives die. I’ve had my issues with externals, though I never did have the C drive die. But okay, it happens. But at this point, after maybe a year and a half with the laptop, I generally have to reboot it twice before it comes to life.

    Every few weeks I’ll just get the blue screen, usually after something or other was installed by you know who. I have restore points… and I can go back at will… but it’s crazy to still be using XP and to have skipped Vista… and now take my chances with windows 7.

    I go around fixing other people’s PCs all the time; but never hear a peep out of the mac users I know. I don’t expect perfection, but frankly, a nice stable OS and the bells and whistles of a good user interface… I think that would be a nice change.

    And remember, you’re talking to a guy that’s been with this system since before the beginning. I’ve programmed on Unix boxes; and written assembly on PCs – and have a lifetime of experience with PCs and it just seems that you shouldn’t have to be an expert to use a few programs. i.e. I really only use three programs heavily (Dreamweaver, Lightroom and to a lesser extent Photoshop.) That’s it.

    But I always find myself trying to figure out something that has to do with the operating system. Maybe it’s a driver for a printer that didn’t install properly or actually just stopped working out of the blue. Anyone who’s been at it for a while knows what I mean.

  4. Get the Mac Book Pro with at least 4 ram and as large a hard disk as possible. I agree, also get the Apple Care.
    I don’t know how your external drives will figure into all of this.

  5. Dave, I just bought a new HP desktop computer with Windows 7. My 9-year old one with XP was literally wearing out and taking several minutes to load simple programs. Trying to work with Photoshop (Elements) was excruciating.
    I took a course at the Adult Education Center on Windows 7 but still wasn’t prepared for the disaster I have experienced because of the changes in computer/person interface. (Incidentally, several times a day it shuts down connectng with the Internet.)
    I have now taken a short course in MacIntosh and have decided that I wasted $1000 on the new PC, and am going with a new Mac — don’t know where the money is coming from, but the Windows 7 is an emotional disaster for me. It sure is fast, though.
    Bill Mitchell (Sarasota)

  6. Dave Im in a similar postion. I’ve used a pc for many years always using some flavour of windows and sometimes Linux. 6 months ago I went to windows 7 but already I hve had to reinstall.
    So now I am seriously looking at UPGRADING to a Mac, but which one?


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