Beckerman Wall from Ken

wall of beckermans

With all the pain I’m going through right now with dead computers, what a nice pick-me-up to have Ken R. send me this jpg of my collection in his house.  Almost nobody thinks to do that.  He’s been buying them for a few years now… and rather than just getting the “scenics” he actually has bought photographs of people, some of which I don’t even have on the site anymore since no one bought them. (Old man in the upper right hand corner – which is very sad – hasn’t been on the site for years.  And I see the Tom Joad shot with Henry Fonda, lower left hand corner; also long gone from the store.)


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

5 thoughts on “Beckerman Wall from Ken”

  1. What a nice gesture for Ken to do. I see he has my favorite “Beckerman” photo in the bottom right…Dogs in Snow! Absolutely love this image..

  2. Yes. People pix (street pix in general) just don’t do well at my Farmers Market booth. Actually they don’t sell at all.

    However, autumn foliage . . . Sierra peaks . . . OK!

  3. I never thought about it before, but see now that 9 of my Beckermans are people pictures, 1 is dogs, and 1 the bridge. I guess I’ve always liked people pictures.

    Ken R

  4. As do I. The candids of people are the most difficult to shoot and hardest to sell

    When someone else sees what I felt with the candids it makes me happy.

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