Rainy Day Women #1


Warning – many rainy day shots coming up.  Today is second day, and it was cold, miserable – and excellent shooting weather.  I believe there’s one more day of deluge.  And already I have four or five good images from mother natures amusement ride.  I say that because the wind on the avenues must have been around 60 m.p.h.  I was hoping to get a shot with maybe 8 umbrellas all blowing apart at the same time.  I think I have one with 5 going at the same time.  For me – this is great fun, and what will always get me out of my laboratory.


My greatest dream of all, is to have a tornado moving slowly down fifth avenue.  Maybe it touches down around 59th street, and skips around until it gets to Grand Central Station.  I was sent home from school in – maybe the second grade – and still remember how much fun it was holding on from one Bronx lamp post to the next so as not to get blown away.  When I think back on it – it’s funny that parents weren’t called to come and get us.  They just let us out and we somehow managed (most of us) to make it back home.

I may do this in sequence – first one umbrella, then two etc.

Near subway entrance, 3rd / 86th


Sorry – don’t know why I decided to do this one in sepia. Just works for me.

I have a few more that I like… Last time I put up a post with images of the day was when the Pope was in town.  The current pope.  Rain and the pope.  What do they have in common.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. I was crossing the street earlier today when my umbrella decided to take me for a ride and all I could think was I wonder if anyone is photographing this. Yes, I agree Dave rainy days in NYC can be a lot of fun, especially windy ones.

  2. I bet only the alter cockers (Yiddish for old farts) get the allusion to Dylan in the title of this entry. By the way, Aqueduct was closed due to the hurricane-like storm yesterday, so it’s good we didn’t go there to take photos.

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