Buddy – Looking Up

“So what lens do you find yourself using the most with the 5D.”

Canon 50mm @ f1.4 / ASA 1600

Dave, please – no more cat pics.

I know, I know.  But now I’m busy now and he remains my best and cheapest model.

buddy_0882-EditDoes wordpress compress these jpgs again…?  The difficult transitions between black and mid-tones (lower left corner) aren’t nearly as smooth as what I see in PS or LR of the same size / resolution image.  Doesn’t matter on this shot – but it does crop up once in a while.

Ty doesn’t want to see any more portraits of Buddy.  But there have been photographers who’ve made a nice income just photographing dogs and cats.  What’s the name of the guy who photographs dogs in various costumes?  On the upper east side, I think I could make a good living photographing pets.  And the truth is, I’m more in tune with animals than people.  I’ve been working, in my spare time to put together a portfolio of pet portraits and eventually I’m going to offer that as a service.

Candid Pet Portraits.  If you live in Manhattan, I’ll show up at your house and do portraits of your pet – and you’ll get a bunch of wallet sized images and a nice big one.  Maybe 11 x 14 or even super big.  I can tell you that I enjoy working with animals much more than doing candid shots of people; esp. these days where you get kicked around for just about any sort of candid shot.  I could even move to France where you aren’t allowed to shoot people on the street, and just do Parisian Pets.  Yeah, there’s an idea.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

3 thoughts on “Buddy – Looking Up”

  1. Dave, I’m a Firefox user (ver 3.6). I just loaded your page into IE7 and can see a difference in that area between the two browsers. Same result on lcd or crt monitor.
    Any chance you could repost the jpg from Lightroom somewhere on your server that WordPress wouldn’t see it? I’d be curious to compare. Also what version of WordPress are you running?

    Cheers, Dennis.

  2. Dave say it isnt so … another Buddy portrait. I see malice and evil thoughts in those eyes. Watch your back Dave.

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