– I am slowly adding the members blogs to the Photoblogger Society (bottom of sidebar) so members can get an idea of what their sites will look like.  Each one gets a separate page.  I hope to finish this today.

– If you are driving a Toyota and it starts to accelerate on it’s own, can’t you slip it into neutral, brake it, and pull over?  I’m serious about the question.  Or does it lock up the transmission as well and turn you into a hurtling projectile.  Now that would be bad.

– Tomorrow is last day of sale.

– I have one more order (a lot of 5 x 7’s to get out)

– The Epson 7800 is working like a charm these days (knock wood).  The secret cure was to change the maintenance tank, even though it said there was 30% left.  That has to be some sort of estimate since it doesn’t have a chip on the thing, and does it know how much of each ink I’m using.  In other words, I’m using much more of the three blacks than the average person. **Correction. It does have a chip (Ken Smith).

– Beautiful spring day.  Plan to actually get out and do some infrared.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. “If you are driving a Toyota and it starts to accelerate on it’s own, can’t you slip it into neutral, brake it, and pull over?”

    I had this exact same thought watching the runaway Prius on the news over coffee this morning. A similar thing happened here in Aust not too long ago although it wasn’t a Prius. Everyone kept saying; “why didn’t he just put it in neutral?”.

    I’m not sure if that was ever answered…

  2. dave,
    Are you sure your maintenance tank doesn’t have a chip? My 4000 uses the same tank, and the chip is on the right side when you pull it out of the machine.


  3. dave,
    Yes, a little mess on the top. I have maxi-pads ($2.50 worth) as fill in the maintenance tank, instead of purchasing a $40 tank new, and sending another piece of plastic to the landfill. But even the originals have some mess on top, it’s normal.


  4. I want a preview box for my comments, so I can make sure that they don’t come out looking goofy all the time!
    Also, no more censoring them either. If someone decides to get naughty again, then figure out a way to block his IP address…

  5. Dave – on your Toyota question – it’s exactly the question Congress should have asked itself before spending days on these show trial hearings.

    Here’s a link to Popular Mechanics web site, showing that the Camry brakes are more than powerful enough to bring the car to a straight stop with the throttle wide open.

    Popular Mechanics has done a really good job analyzing this issue from a logical viewpoint and doing real-life testing to determine what kind of a problem it actually it.

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