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Other notes.  I am getting about five requests a day now for the Photoblogger Society, but nothing that has blown me away.  (I take that back, I just got two really good ones). I hate being the gatekeeper, but I think that for this project to make any sense – you need one.  For example, two applications came in from relatively new blogs, and by new I mean maybe 20 images.  I’m looking for blogs that have some weight to them.  I mean they don’t have to sum up a career, but they’ve got to have some heft to them.

Please be sure to test out the code in your blog before I go live (maybe two weeks).  Even if it doesn’t work, I may find some kludge to make it work.  And remember, once the code is in place and working, it will be live.  By that I mean, then when the blogger for a day adds a post, it will appear in your blogger for a day post.  This gives life to the post, and I think is helpful in terms of attracting people to the Blogger of the Day’s site over time; at least before it’s completely buried in your own posts.


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As far as my own struggle – the last two days (since I lowered prices and put up the sale) have been good, almost great.  What that means is that I made the rent in those two days.  During the previous three weeks or so while prices were high – just about nothing.  So it’s an important lesson, and I need to keep learning it.  What I have decided to do, is keep working as I’ve been doing – since that is bringing in an income – and start looking for an intern.  I have to give more thought to that since I get emails fairly often from students who would like to intern, but the business is so erratic, that I need to figure out how something like that would work.

But the idea would be that in return for doing the grunt work, I would teach what I could, and take the intern along when I go out to shoot.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.