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Someday I’ll put all my ‘Become Your Dream’ shots together.  De La Vega lives nearby.  I’m not sure that this one is his… no fish.  Of course the guy, who was making a delivery to a nearby bar sees me.  Not everyone did.  In fact he was the only one that noticed me shooting through the hole.  28mm f11.  I was just a few inches away from the board.  Generally the 28mm is too short for me, but I always have it with me and here it comes in handy.

I also did some shooting at H (3200).  I don’t know if it’s this particular camera, or if my eyes are going, but in a well-lit spot where I tested, I didn’t think noise / grain whatever you call it was bad at all on the 5d.  To my eye, better than 1600 on the 40D.  In other words – you can use it, as opposed to the higher end ASAs on other cameras I’ve had that I would never use.

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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. “Someday I’ll put all my ‘Become Your Dream’ shots together.”

    Looking foward to it!

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