Signing – 2010


My own sign language skills are minimal, but enough so that I can ask permission to photograph the conversations that go on near the church which has sermons for the deaf.  If the signers seem particularly animated, I stop and ask with faltering language whether I can take pictures… and I have never been turned down.  The only problem is that they usually turn and pose just like everyone else, and I then need to explain in sign language – no, just like before.  Forget that I’m here.

Frankly, not being able to hear the camera go off, they’re better at this than the average person.  Afterwards, I spell out – thank you so much – and just like anyone that sees you make the attempt to speak their language – they are usually very gracious.  Same experience I had in France – where I had been warned about the “snooty” Parisians, but I spoke enough to make myself understood, and that was all it took to feel accepted.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.