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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

11 thoughts on “Bulldog in Carriage”

  1. I love this shot … the dog’s expression, even if it’s half built-in by virtue of the breed, makes the photo. Hat’s off to you, Dave – most of us don’t see it to miss it and you’ve nailed it!

  2. Yeah, the expression… I see that what’s happening is that after a long time where I was thinking about color, I’m falling back into my normal way of shooting, which is looking for subjects of interest.

    I know some people can do this very well in color, but it’s obvious that I can’t. I can go back, months or years later and find shots that work in color and b&w, but I don’t seem to be able to shoot with a color “frame of mind.”

    I’m also still getting used to shooting full-frame after two plus years of cropped sensor.

  3. Dave – This is commentary on modern society. People buy dogs now and treat them as children … in lieu of having children. They buy them organic food, have pet psychologists and as we see here push them around in strollers. If you pointed out to these folks that they were doing so they would look at you like YOU were crazy.

  4. I asked the woman if the dog was in the stroller because of the snow – or the salt (which there wasn’t any of) and she told me that the dog was arthritic. Common condition for the older bulldogs.

  5. I knew a woman who’s dog had been crushed in car accident. Couldn’t walk any longer and she would push it around like the bulldog. Was contemplating a 30K surgery and recuperation, with no guarantee of success.

    I thought to myself this dog is miserable. What’s best for the dog? A painful surgery with a slim chance of recovery? 30K? Or to be put to sleep?

    It’s her pet and her money but I think its wrongheaded.

    I think the owners do this for themselves so they either don’t feel guilty or are afraid of the emotions that come with losing a pet.

  6. The emotional component of the human psyche should never be overlooked when considering the probable outcome. I ignored it for too long in my dealings with others, and I now realize it more often than not trumps any rational perspective one might expect from another individuals point of view.
    Dogs (pets), as surrogate children populate our landscape more than ever due to the preponderance of the single life in existence today. They serve a need and provide a reassurance and perceived stability that would otherwise be found lacking, while still offering a more convenient solution than the full on responsibilities of caring for another human. It’s essentially a misplaced, displaced, and replaced situation.

  7. Dave – you now have two sure fire blog postings that will create follow up posts – equipment and unique pet shots. What does this say about us?

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