Sidewalk, Times Square Rain


Red Sidewalk with Bike


When I got to Times Square last night, after two days of rain, it was so bright that while I was still in the station, I thought for a moment it was daytime.  The sign directly across from the IRT stop takes up about a half-block, is about 20 feet high, and flashes various colors at you – so bright that I was shooting at ASA 400 4.0 1/125th (as I say, at midnight).

I don’t know what that sign on the other side of 42nd street was meant to advertise, but it is the largest, brightest sign I’ve ever seen, and it was turning the sidewalk into a multi-colored watercolor painting.  These shots haven’t been “over saturated” – they are straight from the camera – in the “faithful” setting which is fairly subdued.  But I felt at times as if I were walking through puddles of blood, which I don’t think was the intended effect.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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