Columbus, Central Park


(Infrared and ‘Tonemapped’)

How this shot was done: this was early in my digital infrared days.  It wasn’t done with a modified digital camera, but by sticking an infrared filter (I don’t remember which one anymore) on the 40D and doing a fairly long exposure.  The resulting image was all RED.  I then created a profile that could be used with the ADOBE DNG profile editor app (free) that gave me a more acceptable color temp.  Still, not very good – but when I stuck it into tone-mapping – suddenly this image popped out at me.


1. Print prices have gone down again.  I couldn’t sell enough of them to make the ‘outsourcing’ work.  I will still use WCI for large prints, but after several weeks of very slow business which corresponds with the price increases for outsourcing – I can see that it won’t work.

2. There are only about 8 limited editions (11 x 14) of Poet’s Walk left.  In other words, I have nearly sold 100 of them at that size.  Some people care about such things (collectors) so it just means that there won’t be any limited editions of that print at that size.

3. The black-lined grid screen for the 5D is impossible to see at night.  It’s great during the day – but disappears in the dark.  I don’t remember having that problem with the Rollei TLR or with the view camera.  Maybe they were etched into the screen differently.

4. I’ll get in touch with an Epson technician today, or at least try to.  I lost track of that problem while I buried myself in HDR and color.  Though I may have figured something out.  Will write more about it if I have solved the problem.  I do have a work around for sure.  A kludge – but it works.  But I made a change yesterday with the 7800 and I want to see if it works today.

5. As noted, even though I may not end up working in color, I can say that I have gone pretty far with HDR and especially with the tone-mapping tool which is wonderful, whether for color or b&w.  It seems like there’s always one more thing I want to try.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Dave – I was curious. Why are your 11X14 limited editions but larger prints are not? I’ve seen a practice adopted by some of making the smaller prints lets say – 5X7 through 13X19 open editions and then making 16X20 and up limited editions.

  2. This one’s really gorgeous. The leaves in the upper left side appear to be splashes of water against the shore. Was this one single image tonemapped or one of those images that you ‘made’ into different exposures and then tonemapped. Tonemapping, I think, will provide excellent rewards on your IR portfolio.

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