View From Fire-Escape

I went out on the fire-escape with tripod and did some long exposures (this is 30 seconds) tonight.  It’s a much better view than what I see looking directly out the window (back of a school).

There is a history of photographers doing shots out the window that goes back a long ways and you can even find entire books (Ruth Orkin) shot out the window.


*** One note about the ee-D grid screen for the Canon 5D: almost impossible to see at night.  This was taken at night with as I say long exposure – and there was no way I could see the grid lines which would have been helpful since I was using the 20mm f2.8.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

3 thoughts on “View From Fire-Escape”

  1. As a black and white purist, I hate to see you having so much success with your color endeavors..:-)

    This image is fantastic! Keep up the great work, Dave.

  2. Thanks Rick. You know I’m a black and white purist as well. For example, I studied Ansel Adams’ color work before beginning to experiment with hdr color and they are nowhere near as interesting as his b&w work.

    But there are great photographers (William Klein) who did make the transition while continuing to create mysterious and evocative images.

    Joel Meyerowitz – at least with Cape Light also moved into color (not everything) but often with great success.

    I come back to a few of these recent color images, and I am happy with some of the subdued renditions. I do need to rewire some neurons though 🙂

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