Plaza Hotel


This is still in the experimental phase… I combined 9 shots… not necessary and I have three where there is only one guy who is motionless.  I also did a rough job with the perspective controls.  But this morning I’ll be at B&H to pick up a grid mat for the 5D.  But I think I’m onto something.  Haven’t hit the nail on the head yet but I’m a trial and error sort and when I get it – you’ll know.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

5 thoughts on “Plaza Hotel”

  1. I like this very much but suspect
    many seeing this photograph would
    exclaim: “Look something’s gone
    wrong with the camera”!

    Put the image in a gallery and it
    automatically would be recognised
    as ART.

    Submit it to the local newspaper
    as representative of ‘The Plaza’
    and most likely it would get binned.

    I once made a portrait of someone
    in front of a chain link fence that
    was later critiscised because I’d
    used a wide aperture to throw the
    background out of focus. Not all
    the picture was sharp, I was told.

    In a recent comment you explained
    that these kinds of example come
    about because there are two
    schools of photography ~ realism and

    But your a jobbing professional so
    I wonder which school you find sells?


  2. I like the look of it and the motion artefacts are also interesting. You may also try to make one long time exposure and one short time one and combine them. This might give it a more dreamy, but also less interrupting look. And is less work to compose on your PC. Just one suggestion for playing around with trial and error.

  3. Well I installed it.and if I can do it anyone can. It is very helpful, especially with wide angles. I did several shots with the 20. Very useful and subtle so that you don’t notice it unless you’re looking for it.

    Comes with a little tool for doing the install.

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