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5d. This is pretty much straight from the camera.  I just hit auto in Lightroom.  1600 ASA.  (Yeah, I know the bathroom needs cleaning.) 28mm @ f1.8 No sharpening or Noise Reduction.

100% crop.


5D. Photograpahers Cat in Black and White – drinking from bowl. (B&W preset – low contrast – comes with Lightroom). 1600 ASA. f1.8. 1/60th.


And now for a 100% crop.


Now remember… these have been resized for the web.  At 240 dpi, which I don’t really know how to show other than giving away files to download, the cat’s eye at 100% is smooth… without noise… I think I can see myself in that version.

Of course, the look of the 28mm at f1.8 is very different than if it were on the cropped sensor.  There are tons of writing about this effect so I’m not going to do it again.  I did a lot of very good work with the 40D for the two or so years I used it, but as others have noted, it’s never the same as the look of a full-frame.  What is odd, I may have said this before but the “extras” that you get with the 40D as compared to the 5D, or the 7D as compared with the 5D II, don’t make much sense to me.  Why they didn’t put them on what is the higher end cameras, I don’t get.  The software on the 5D is one generation behind the 40D.  And I did like and use some of the software features of the 40D regularly.

The 40D can shoot faster than the 5D, just as the 7D can shoot faster than the 5DII.  On the other hand, as they cram more mega pixels on the new cameras, they really do have to deal with turning down the noise.  Anyway – all is well.  Sorry to use the cat again for test shots – but he likes it.  And you can learn something about the way a cat licks up water – which I didn’t know.  They actually curl the tip of the tongue backwards and use it as a ladle.

But now for some real trivia: The 5D doesn’t have all those dumb modes on the mode button.  You know what I mean – for action they have an icon of a skier; and for night photography, maybe an icon of the moon.  Never used any of them and disliked having them on the camera.  Another bit of trivia that fits into the same category is: no pop-flash.  Again, never used it, never wanted it, and it was just a bit of stuff that was mildly annoying.  Same thing: it doesn’t take movies.  Perfect.  I have camera for movies.  I know this is a big selling point, but I dislike having all that movie stuff in the camera.

Again – it doesn’t really matter.  It’s not hurting me.  But I don’t like it.  Let Canon make a movie camera for those who want to make movies.

Oh – and you can actually put a grid screen (Ee-D) in the camera.  This is a big plus for me.  I always loved using a grid (like the one on the Rollei TLR or my old view camera).  Makes it much easier to align stuff and to think about what is going in various squares in the frame.  In fact, my favorite screen was the upside down grid for the view camera.  Abstraction of the image helps composition a lot.  I read somewhere that HCB had an upside down viewfinder for the Leica.  Not surprising.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

8 thoughts on “Photographers Cat”

  1. You know, Dave, paparazzi have been known to dive to the depths to get shots of A-listers like Buddy, but catching him while shaving…that’s low.

  2. That’s me in a nutshell. Cameras… food… cat… clean… laundry… a real bachelors existence. (Picture Oscar Madison). I live like that. Not with the tech. equipment, but the rest of the place just goes all to hell when I’m working on a new project. I wake up one day and realize that the clothes haven’t been washed in a month; the drains in the kitchen and bathtub are clogged. And there’s a new spider web somewhere or other, though I swear I’ve never actually seen a spider in the house.

  3. Dave – I just knew you were going to involve Buddy in testing the 5D. I vote for a feline free photographic zone. To be known as the FFPZ.

    If you ever decide to have a female visit you’ll need to nuke the bathroom or risk her running screaming into the street … but then you already know this.

    Actually you may want to nuke this entire blog thread as it’s going to memorialize the condition of your bathroom forevermore. Get it now before the Wayback machine gets it!

  4. True. The place has been bug andouse free ever since I got Buddy. And with all the digging up of streetsany of my neighbors have mouse problems he is a tremendous mouser.

  5. I’d be curious if you you find this to be true: that black&white conversions with the 5D are just luscious. I await your thoughts about whether you find that quality to be different than the 40D. That 28mm lens is great, btw.

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