Got the 5D

The 5d and the 28 f1.8 are mine.  I just picked them up from my friend at Grand Central, and spent about a half hour shooting there at 1600 and f1.8.

Results of 1600 compared to 1600 on 40D – night and day.  1600 is 100% usable.  Will post pictures later.  On my way to do my usual duty – dropping off packages at Fedex.  I’m very happy looking through the viewfinder, and the camera seems quieter than the 40D.  A lower-pitched click.  Smoooth, shutter.  Nice to see things back at full frame, though I had gotten used to the cropped view.

Also nice, my batteries for the 40D work with the 5D as does my cable release.  All in all – a great deal for me.  I even had a chance to stick the camera on a tripod for a few moments at Grand Central at do some hdr.  That classic shot with the windows on the other side always being blown out – should be interesting to see what hdr can do since I have one of the bracketed shots at 1.5 stops under.

We’ll see…


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Dave – Awesome. I knew you’d like the better hi ISO. I’d be curious what your take on a large print, say 16X20 and 20X30 is like verses the 40D. Maybe while you still have both cameras you could shoot something identical (please not Buddy!) and do a test. Something with a lot of detail and tonal gradation. This is the kind of thing I don’t see nearly enough on the web – real prints being made – not pixel peeping.

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