Roosevelt Island, Winter Night


Considering the fact that Roosevelt Island is one of the most ugly spots in the city, this is a favorite of mine from the hdr trip.  It’s only two raw shots, since if I used the third one, the boat which is just visible disappeared.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

3 thoughts on “Roosevelt Island, Winter Night”

  1. You seem to have confused the stacks in Astoria (not Roosevelt Island) with Roosevelt Island itself. We like it here, and like the fact that we have more GREEN per square resident than most other places in the WORLD. And where YOU live… Is it so beautiful?

  2. I have been to Roosevelt Island many times – but I suppose I can’t call a place ugly and get away with it. And no – I am definitely not in love with my neighborhood or my apartment. But there’s something about the planned city feeling of Roosevelt Island that I don’t like. I hope it’s okay to say that.

  3. I think Roosevelt Island had more character back when it was called Blackwell’s Island and it housed an insane asylum and penitentiary. The reporter Nellie Bly disguised herself as an inmate and became famous by wroting an expose on the treatment of disturbed women in the asylum and Mae West was imprisoned at the jail on Blackwell Island for her performance in a very sexy play she created. Today most people in the U.S. know Roosevelt Island from their visit to Universal Studios where King Kong attacks the tram.

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