Bodega, 110th Street.  Shooting hdr, does give me the feeling of working with a view camera.  I continue to see potential for this process, though I’m not sure how much comes through on the web since it is the detail and complete lack of noise that I find fascinating (from the 10mp 40D).  At any rate, it definitely has knocked the idea of needing a new camera out of my head.

Yes, it is the first time in my photographic adventure that I’ve been happy with the color results.  No, not completely naturalistic, a bit saturated, but still true enough in terms of hue.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

3 thoughts on “Bodega”

  1. No question there is definitely a view camera quality to these, even at web rez. I’m totally intrigued by this process, but unfortunately I would have to upgrade to a new machine, programs, etc. to handle it. I’ve always been fascinated with large format results, but don’t really shoot with it anymore. This seems like the best of both worlds; v. camera quality w/ digital conveniences.

  2. Not that much to upgrade to — a camera that shoots RAW, and the Photomatix Program $99. Tripod. I assume you have photoshop. I think that’s really all you need.

  3. Actually in my case a very old version of PS (v.4), plus I’m running Win98 on a 10+ yr.old 400Mhz PC. So I’m sure an upgrade would be in order for several reasons, but I might do it anyway as the results w/ HDR are so compelling to me.

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