110th Street Mural


HDR / 3 shots at ASA 200

No longer in “testing mode” I’m able to go out now and shoot without thinking about the HDR process.  Yes, you can use it on the street (tripod shot) if you have the right non-threatening vibe.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

3 thoughts on “110th Street Mural”

  1. Dave,

    You might like to take a look at PhotoAcute.

    It has a setting that calculates small
    differences in alignment, if you don’t
    want to use a tripod.

    I’ve been using it for a while now. When
    you start to process five, or so, bracketed
    images a tab says it will take twelve hours
    or so, but in practice this time gets reduced
    to around twelve minutes as the process

    I think you can try it out free but it
    leaves a watermark ~ removing it costs
    around 100 USD.

    If you want to tonemap your image you
    need another program such as Ligtzone.


  2. Stephen,

    Actually, Photomatix has two settings for aligning images, and frankly I don’t mind going back to the tripod. But you really can’t use any system with people in the sense that if they are moving around for real – you aren’t going to get any sort of reasonable results. I have used Photomatix many times without the tripod with good results, but for this sort of stuff, why not use the tripod. I use the cable release, pre-focus and stand behind the camera. I have many images from yesterday with people in them that were fine — I just like this one the best.



  3. I think using a tripod in a street can be disarming.
    I recall spending thime with a Rolliechord on a
    tripod. People seem to register you’re there and
    then go about their business as if you aren’t.

    Brassai took all his Paris By Night shots with
    a view camera on a tripod.

    In Moscow though the police won’t let you use a
    tripod, although you may photograph without one.

    I’m beginning to wonder if HDR may yeild
    acceptable quality with a compact? Will
    experiment and let you know.


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