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Subway Preacher by Matt Weber

I met Matt a few years ago when he asked me to takes some pictures of his daughter at the Central Park Zoo.  We’ve been good friends ever since.  His old site was was simply not worthy of someone that I consider a major  street photography talent.  (Sorry Matt – you know that was how I felt).

For a few years I was trying to talk him into redoing the site somewhere else. Maybe just a simple blog with pictures.  Every time he heard the word “blog” mentioned, it turned into an argument.  Why…?  Well, he has very specific ideas about how his work should be presented.  The pictures should be BIG. Back then anyway, all the blogs he looked at had small images or thumbnails.  He didn’t like any of the templates he saw.  I told him they could be changed.  At the same time, he was disgusted with his lack of web traffic and thought it was all due to a lack of certain magical metatags.

True, there are one or two metatags that are important, but really you want people to link to your site and come back to see what’s new, and that’s not going to happen if the site is poorly displayed and hard to navigate.

And so finally, I managed to convince him to do a blog at (which is where they host it for you) and it’s free.

And so, a few days ago, while we were discussing (loudly) the possibilities over the phone, he said, wait a minute, I think I found one (a template that he can live with).  It is a fluid template that will expand to fit the size of his pictures, and eventually, he’ll purchase the CSS option for $15 and I’ll be able to change the background color etc.

So welcome Matt into the 21st Century at: and let him know how happy you are that he has a photo blog.  And   In all seriousness, he’s a talented street photographer that has not had much web presence.  I’ve linked to his new site, and if you are interested in amazing New York street photography you might consider linking to his new site.  He’s a good guy at heart who has mostly been invisible on the web (if you don’t count his flickr presence) which regularly gets lots of comments and has a following.

Bon Voyage Matt.  May the web be with you.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Dave, I should have just learned html years ago but I must have ADD because I never could study stuff that didn’t interest me. I took two years of latin and two more of spanish and I can barely say adios! This WordPress template will be good enough for me and it seems to move from picture to picture very quickly. As you pointed out, WordPress has so many users that they probably won’t have too many outages. I think I just want to be able to have a good archive that can be found, and even though I have many thoughts political and otherwise, I can be very argumentative as you know and should probably just stick to posting my better images. So for the time being, no blog…


  2. I’m the same way, except that I was fascinated by programming from day one.

    And I took three years of Yiddish and can only say, what is your name? And are you eating a banana or is that your nose?

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