Foggy Foggy Night

Foggy Foggy Night


3 thoughts on “Foggy Foggy Night

  1. What’s going on is this: some images, are old ones that have never worked (to my satisfaction) in b&w; and I take a crack at them in color.

    Some images I am going out to shoot – looking to shoot them in color. If I can’t get that naturalistic / magical look in color, then I will give them a try in b&w (that is how the limo on Park Avenue ended up B&W).

    And sometimes, the shot simply doesn’t work in either.

    The FDR shot I set out to shoot it for color. It had been shot before with b&w in mind, but never worked in b&w.

    The subway shot – hands – had already been shot a while back – and never worked in b&w, so I thought that I would try it with my newly found color techniques and it worked in color.

    Most times that I’ve tried color, I’ve given up pretty quickly. This time, because of the tools I’m using – I’m pretty sure that I’m going to stick with it for a while, who knows how long. If I’m still at it a week from now, I’ll rename the blog… maybe just New York Photography.

  2. I find the fast majority of my color work doesn’t translate to black and white and vice versa. There are exceptions – but as the saying goes “the exception proves the rule”. Or at least it does for me.

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