FDR Underpass


Lester – don’t tell me that the FDR has been renamed to the Edward Kennedy Thruway.  3 fused shots / asa 800 / 40d / 30mm / middle shot 1/6th of a second, f2.0

Later on I did longer exposures, but these shorter ones turned out better.  Who would’ve known that the light in the foreground had a different color temp. than the rest of the lights.  I’d like to put a large mural of this one on my wall.  Lots of fun stuff to look at, such as the current, that you can’t make out here.  But over the three shots you can make out some a circular current about halfway up on the right.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

4 thoughts on “FDR Underpass”

  1. This really is an incredibly beautiful NYC landscape, an instant classic. You’ve captured the magic of the city. You’ve turned a polluted river, pot-holed highway, and high rise anthill into a gorgeous layer cake.

    I remember the uproar when Bob Dylan disappointed many of his fans when he went electric. I hope black and white Beckerman followers will have more foresight.

  2. Wonderful picture. I recently saw some large “digital C prints” that were very nice. This might be a candidate for that type of large print.

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