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From Martin (England).

Countries I’ve been to: Mexico (with Lester for one day); France (three times, once for three weeks); Belgium (a few days); Germany (five minutes) ; Canada (I think we went from one end to the other.  Favorite location: Nova Scotia.  Places I’d like to visit: London, Italy (anywhere); Russia (my roots are there, somewhere); Ireland (I used to look at those photo tours a lot but they were always too expensive); Prince Edward Island (there’s a Zen monastery that I’d like to retire to);  Spain.  That’s about it.

I like to go to places where artists are remembered.  Where streets are named after writers.  Where tourists line up to see where famous painters once lived.   Can you imagine walking down a street named Walker Evans Avenue?  If he had been French – he’d be a street name.  Yes, when it comes to immortality – which artists are bound to think about since they hope that their efforts will live on, I would like the idea of having a street in the Bronx called Beckerman Boulevard.  Even if it weer a cul de sac – that would be the sort of tribute that my soul, if it really did turn out to be eternal (doubtful) would get a kick out of.

But for now, the closest thing is to have my work displayed by a person I’ve never met, in a country that I’ve never seen.  Yes, that is a cozy room.  Oh, and I just spotted the dog.



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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Dave, I think you should start lobbying to have the site of your former apartment on Putnam Place in the Bronx renamed Beckerman Place. You’d have a good chance since the street is only two blocks long and named after a Revolutionary War hero who is not really much of a hero. (Israel Putnam surrendered several forts to the British up near the Bronx and Washington had to demote him.)

    You’d also have a good chance under the current city council, which has approved the naming of a street in Jamaica “Sean Bell Way”, after the guy shot to death by cops after coming out of a strip club. Of course, if you arrange to be shot and killed a decent distance from a strip club, like Robert or John Kennedy, you may get an airport or bridge named after you (The former Triborough Bridge is now the RFK Bridge.)

    There are artists in NYC who have streets named after them. Bloomberg just renamed West 53rd Street “U2 Way”, which is ironic since one of their more famous songs is “Where the Streets Have No Name.” And there is “Run-DMC JMJ Way” in Hollis, Queens named after the 80s hip-hop group and their DJ Jam Master Jay. JMJ was also shot and killed in Jamaica.

    Of course, those presently living on Putnam Place will be inconvenienced by the address change and may demand to know who the hell this guy Beckerman is, but I’m sure they also have no idea who Putnam was. As part of your lobbying campaign, you can distribute free photos along with a petition to the residents. It’s a long shot, but less painful than a gunshot.

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