Video of Dave At Work


Lester – thanks!
Eventually, we’ll do the “real” one.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

6 thoughts on “Video of Dave At Work”

  1. Dave,

    Great news! Looks like all the cylinders are firing for you at the moment. I personally thought your prices could stand a increase based on my travels on the net and looking at other peoples work.

    To bad Buddy cant be put to work making prints. I’ll say it now – I’m not a fan of cats but if you could teach one to work in Photoshop and run an Epson printer my opinion might change. 😉

    I like the video Lester put together. I think the idea of melding pictures, music and photo’s of the artist are a good way of personalizing your (or anyones) work. I think it will help connect you to your customers.

  2. My guess is that as you increase your prices your sales will continue to rocket, anyway I hope so!

    Love the film. It looks like you’ve put into operation some of those tips recommended in those videos you recommended a week, or so, back.

    In particular you appear in the video . . . but as those Monty Python boys asked in one of their skits,
    “Who is holding the camera?”


  3. Stephen, yes… I took those videos seriously. Many of the ideas were on my todo list – but I pushed them up to the top and did them, mostly.

    “your sales will continue to rocket”

    Maybe… I think I’ll have a different clientele. In fact, a few minutes ago I received a very interesting proposition that I might not have gotten had the prices remained in the gutter.

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