QB Bridge II

My plan is to go out tomorrow morning (pre-dawn) if I can wake up at that hour, and redo these shots with the 40D and more serious bracketing.  I’d like to see if I can get this done without too much bridge shaking.  I’ve never shot the bridge (also the Triborough) at sunrise, so that alone should be interesting, though if it’s enough to get me going in this cold weather, we’ll see.

I also have the IS lens this time, so that will at least take care of any camera shake that I had last time even though it was on the tripod.  Time to charge the batteries.  I’ve cleaned out the espresso maker and loaded it with grinds so all I have to do is turn the thing on, and that should be about as much charging as I need.  If I really had patience, I’d wait for the Roosevelt Island tram so that I could get it in three different positions, but that’s really asking a lot.

What I can say, is that that I’ve already seen how to make those hyper-real HDR shots (which right now I’m not very interested in), and that there’s enough of a learning curve (as there was with my infrared phase which lasted pretty much forever) to keep me going.  And frankly, some of my bridge moving issues would be solved with a camera (5d II / 7D) where I could use higher ISO and hence faster shutter speeds; not to mention DOF.  Anyway – let me set the blackberry alarm clock and see how early I can fall asleep.



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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Dave, this is what I find fascinating with photography. No two photographers shoot the same way. Experimentation is the normal procedure, and everyone’s vision is different. It’s all subjective and very cool. What is even more fascinating is looking at the results of those unique visions on prints (or online). It’s a celebration of vision!


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