Bruce Robbins interviews Moi

Bruce Robbins, who runs invited me to answer a few questions about myself and I remember saying, oh no, not another interview request.  He calls the feature Prime Minister Q&A (he’s British).  Well, at least he didn’t ask me why I shot in black and white (that is the most common question).  And he didn’t ask, what inspired me.  (That is my least favorite question).   In fact that last question annoyed me so much that I wrote a piece about it inspiration.  He did come close with the question about which photographers influenced me… But that’s a bit different.

Nevertheless, I kept procrastinating (common with me lately, esp. when I get engrossed with some new fangled technique), but I also told Bruce to feel free to bug me about it, which he only had to do once, and this morning (or was it yesterday?) I sat down and fired off my answers without editing them or even re-reading what I had written.  Sort of like a real interview where you can’t take stuff back.

So here’s the link to the Interview if you can stand reading anymore about how and why I ended up walking this financially precarious tightrope for the last ten years.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.