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than a post… but I’ve been moving furniture around all day in order to prepare space for drying the larger prints. I decided that I had to reclaim the loft area from Buddy the Cat and make it impossible for him to get up there anymore.  I feel bad for him, ’cause you know how cats like to get to the highest point and just stare down at you, but I made a little space in the bottom of one of the wooden cabinets which he also likes (that cave thing).

In the meantime I downloaded the raw sample files from dpreview – 5dii, 7d, 40d (uhm, I should know that camera’s capabilities) and after doing a lot of pixel peeking, and reading the charts, the boards, etc. – I put that all aside and looked at my bills!  It’s been a very intense few months in terms of the business side of things, and I realized that I had run up the credit cards more than usual.  So for now – I’m just paying off debts and frankly the 40D and infrared modded 450 have done quite a good job for me, and until I get back to shooting I’ll leave the new equipment thing behind me.

I’m curious right now about what I can do with HDR after that client job I used it on.  Tomorrow I’ll be tossing the file cabinet I’ve had for about twenty years, along with a small cabinet, and moving as much as I can up to the loft, while still keeping space up there for drying prints.

I have a pretty simple way now – which maybe I’ll go into when I’m less tired – but it’s just involves stacking large thin cartons that have chipboard for the prints to rest on.  Very simple.

Okay, maybe not exactly a twitter – but you know what I mean – it’s just – oh this is what I’m doing.  The container with the chipboard arrived from Uline and was heavier than I thought it was going to be.  I helped the UPS guy get it up the two flights, then sat down and felt my lower back throbbing.  Between that and moving heavy furniture I hope my back’s okay tomorrow.

Ciao.  See you when the cat stops meowing.


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