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So this is a lot of copy and pasting, but I’m sticking the corresponding greeting cards on the same page as the prints.  Part of this is to get ready for Valentine’s Day, when I expect there will be (as there is each year) a bit of a rush for cards and prints.  The obvious lesson from the last few years is that my pictures are most often bought as gifts.  I’m trying to push this idea with the cards, and other zazzle stuff.

As I begin to make a decent living (finally) other issues in my life rise to the surface.  In other words, there is a sort of pyramid of needs that people have, and somewhere in the middle (you’ll have to open your psych books to look this up) is the need to be able to support yourself.  But when you get to that point, other things that have been shunted aside begin to announce themselves to you.  Family, friends, lovers, the meaning of your life, and even a bit of spirituality.  So this is opening me up to new feelings that I haven’t had in a long time for human companionship.

Oh – and here’s an example of how the cards are being coordinated with the prints:

I’m tempted to delete that last bit about love and all – but you know me – I try my best to be honest as the journey goes along and that is a need I’ve done without for a long time.

Tomorrow, I’m off to do some shooting for a project.  Hope after all this time without holding the camera I can remember how to work the thing.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Try to shoot RAW images…I have been told that is the best way to shoot digital pictures…Make sure you are not shooting in monochrome. Some clients may prefer color…

  2. Oh, thanks for the reminder Matt. Now – are you saying that I never told that wretched story in my blog before. Well how did I miss writing up that fiasco. No time now, but will have to tell the details of the RAW book shoot.

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