Donations for Haiti

World Vision,  Save The Children, CARE, The Red Cross, Doctors without Borders… Google has set up a page for donations to these and other groups that are already working in Haiti.

Here’s the Google Donation Page and I’ve stuck a link on the home page etc. One of those times where I look up from beneath my visor at what’s going on in the world.   You pretty much have to help in some way.  Don’t you?  Even if it’s a few bucks.  The larger organizations have setup ways to text money to them.

And remember it won’t be long before the scammers will be sending out emails asking for personal donations.  It happens after every disaster.


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  1. The scammers are definitely out there. Instead of responding to an email from the Red Cross, I accessed the Red Crosss through the CNN website and contributed that way. Please do not let the scammers discourage anyone from contributing. This is a time we need to appreciate what we have and help those who do not have.

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