Zazzle Notes

I received 3 products from Zazzle today and the envelope please…

– Three Mugs, each with a different picture

Terrible results. One was greenish, the other two magena-ish. (no such word but there should be).  [I looked at the cups again the next day.  They look even worse. I’ve removed the b&w mugs from the zazzle store]

– Dark T-Shirt with B&W Image

Perfect.  No color shifts.  Very beautiful.

– Notecards (two different sets).

Perfect.  I mean perfect.

If you end up ordering from my print store, you’ll also get one of the notecards.  For now, I’m going to have to remove the mugs.  I don’t know why this happens except that everything prob. gets done by different manufacturers.  Overall, the record with notecards and greeting cards has been best.  The T-Shirts have never had any color shifts.  It’s just that I didn’t care for the way they looked on light material, which is why I went for the dark fabric (which is recommended by Zazzle).

I’m sure that someone else can say that they’ve ordered a lot of mugs from Zazzle and that they’ve all turned out well.  But black and white?  It’s always tricky.  I’ll probably do some mugs again with various tints and color.  Printers are almost always better at getting color right as opposed to b&w.

As a note, all of the products were made with the same image files.  They rez down without any artifacts being introduced.  One other note, just really for myself, of the various posters I did – the one that was most poster like was what they call Bronze level which is on UV mat.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

4 thoughts on “Zazzle Notes”

  1. I ordered a mug, t-shirt and photo cards recently, and they all turned out excellent. The cards in particular were printed perfectly. I have to say their whole site is amazing, both in terms of design, useability, and basically as a one stop solution and platform for selling your work. Kudos to them, and you for alerting us to the sale prices they had on select items.

  2. The only issue I’ve had so far has been those three mugs. I’m going to return them. I also got another shirt (the white one with ‘no anything sign’) and it turned out perfectly.

    Greg, if you get a chance, write something on my wall at that you liked what you got. It helps others know the stuff is okay.

    Funny thing is, I don’t particularly care for hanging my own prints in my apartment, but slowly, my entire shirt wardrobe features my images and I really do enjoy wearing them. Go figure.

  3. Dave, I will definitely leave a comment on your wall. Actually my only gripe w/ the Zazzle software is it doesn’t allow you to post work for sale that is below a certain resolution (i.e. I had enlarged, using the fit/fill command, a small file to fill a larger area on a T-shirt, and although it was somewhat pixelated I actually liked the result). I guess their thinking is to prevent accidental unwanted artifacts in the finished piece, which I’m sure is what most people would prefer. I did however order one for myself, and it came out great.

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