Zazzle Notes

I ended up removing my Zazzle posters.  Customers found it confusing in terms of what to buy.  For example they want to know whether what I’m offering in my store are posters or not.  And whether the Zazzle posters are any good.  The odd thing is that my prints do not use a chemical process, they are inkjets and the posters at Zazzle are using photographic chemicals.  At least on some media.  Anyway, I wasn’t selling any posters, and the best selling items have been mugs, calendars, and cards.  So I think it best not to offer the Zazzle posters and to keep the Zazzle stuff for the calendars, mugs and other non print things.

The other thing is that I just didn’t like the idea of having posters go out without my being able to check them first whereas all the product type stuff has turned out well.  I have a much more perfectionist attitude towards the posters.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.