Buddy – Infrared


Obviously, I haven’t done much shooting lately, other than during photo lessons.  I’m still spending most of my time outfitting (supplying) the Zazzle store.  But Buddy is always around to pose when I have a few minutes.  Not exactly as glamorous as say Ed Weston’s models – but just as beautiful in his own way.  This was done with bounced infrared flash and the modded IR camera.   I may have a funny shot with Buddy confronting the big dog on the stairs yesterday – but it needs work (post processing work) and I prob. won’t do it until I get the Zazzle stuff out of my system.  In other words, from everything I’ve read in the Zazzle forums – you really want to have a lot of good quality stuff available – rather than a few select pieces.  More about the 20 / 80 rule in the comments of the previous post (where you’ll also find a deadly funny story by Stephen).

You’ll find this hard to believe, but I’m making FRIDGE TRINKETS over there.  This is the sort of stuff I always thought I’d be working on when I went to the funny farm.  Hmmm, maybe I’m there and don’t know it.  Actually, what happened was that  I have to take medication in the morning and sometimes can’t remember if I took it or not) so I made these FRIDGE MAGNETS that I can just put on the Fridge (hence the name) or wherever and just turn them upside down after I’ve taken my morning pills meds.  I still  have the problem of  remembering to turn them rightside up at night.  Otherwise, when I wake up, I’ll see that the photo magnet is upside down and conclude that I’ve taken my meds.


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