The spammers are really something.  I had a loose policy on my site regarding comments, i.e. you didn’t need to be registered, but I would still moderate the comments.  I also allowed comments on posts going back 20 days.  And the amount of tricks these guys are up to, on what is not a highly listed site, is truly amazing.

The main thing they do is have a general blurb that compliments your blog, and that can apply to any blog.  Here are a few actual examples:

Hey there I sumbled upon your article by chance, I was browsing Google for THEY PUT THEIR URL HERE things to do on THE KEY WORD PHRASE when I came upon your blog, I must say your website is very intriguing I truely think the content, its astounding!. I’m strapped for time right now to entirely absorb your blog but I have bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back in a day or two. Bravo for a excellent webpage.

Hi.  I just came across your blog and it is absolutely fascinating.  Yuo can now count me as a big fan.  If you are interested in [KEYWORD PHRASE] you can read a bit about me, but my blog is nowere as good as yours.  Congratulations on excellent content.

Even requiring registration I still get some of these in this blog.  That at least I understand as this blog is fairly popular.  And I have to admit that the first time I got one of these comments, I had to read it through and check what url they put in (not in the text but as their site) before I realized that it was spam.

I can only imagine that many bloggers fall for this, otherwise there would be little point in doing it, though I suppose it’s all automated and once you set it up there isn’t any work involved.  The other thing, is that they do it mostly for google ratings, but all the comments have a nofollow tag, so that isn’t going to do them any good, but – by having their url in the information part of the thing – that might increase their rating.

In other words, you want to find sites that rank highly, and figure out how in the heck to get them to link to you.  By hook, or by crook.

I just tightened up the requirements for comments on the lessons site – so that should help – but unless you completely turn off comments and have the settings so that comments older than 1 day can’t be commented on – they will find their way in.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

2 thoughts on “SPAM JAM”

  1. Though my blog is not nearly as popular as yours 🙂 … I get quite a few of these. For the most part, Spam Karma catches them or at least flags them as possible SPAM for moderation.

    Generally, I keep my comments open for 180 days and don’t have much problem with it; however, like you, I look at the link that the text is associated with an it’s usually to some type of site advertising pills or whatever.

  2. Hi Paul. Yeah, but what surprises me is that this is spam going to my nyc-photo-lessons site which gets very little traffic. I have askimet installed on this and the lessons site and it catches a ton of spam (more obvious types); and it’s not really a big deal for me since I moderate comments; but if I didn’t do comment moderation – the crap that would come through – and then spread to other spammers – yikes.

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