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Before I get to zazzleland… a friend asked me if I want to see the new George Clooney pic (up in the air?).  Is it any good?  Anyone seen it?

The movie I’m really looking forward to is Sherlock Holmes.  I am a big fan of both R. Downey Jr. and Mr. Holmes.  And the clips – well it looks like a great adventure film and funny to boot.

I’m just beginning to remember what it was like not to have a million things to get through every day.  Haven’t been to a movie in about a year.  Oh, and that was fun – yesterday I got a card from my sister (N.) that she had bought from Zazzle (of course one of mine) – and it looked great.  I didn’t see any color shift, so maybe it’s a hit or miss thing and the first batch I got were hit.  I’ve been getting a lot of compliments from people who got pictures for the holidays – won’t bore you with that stuff, but I have to remember to stick them on my testimonials page.  Don’t you hate that word testimonials (also from the end of the Wizard of Oz).  I decided to call it, We Hear From You or something like that.

I wonder what life would be like if I cracked the “just making it” ceiling and didn’t have to be so concerned about money.  Oh, and just as a by-the-way, haven’t received any print orders since I removed the matting option, but that was just a day or so ago I think (I do lose track of time easily) plus of course the big x-mas (buy buy buy) season is over.  Without xmas – we would be in another great depression.

I’m not saying bah humbug because I’m on the other side of the fence now and I rely on xmas to drag me out of the red.  I’m like those guys that sell xmas trees now – this 10 week season that makes up half my income.  Okay, I’m exaggerating but not by much.  My stuff is mostly bought for gifts.  That’s for sure.  Wedding gifts, christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts…  More than half the people that buy pictures are getting them for someone else.  I wonder why that is.

I get many emails that run along the lines of: my son, my brother, my father, my daughter, my friend is a big fan of yours…   I even had two people who bought lessons for their husbands, boyfriends for xmas gifts.

Maybe it’s a luxury item when you buy it for yourself; and a necessity when you buy it for a gift.  I think I may have actually called the zazzle dazzle store Photography Gift Store…  and of course, I’m the same way.  I don’t make pictures for myself to put on the walls – but I give them as gifts all the time.  I made up a collage of family pics at Zazzle to give out this year.

Anyway – a couple of prints to do and then out for a lunch date and maybe a movie…

* * *

I finally understand how to make a quality Zazzle shirt with a b&w photo.  If you do it on a plain white t-shirt, the parts of the image that are white (uhm, this can be lots of areas) then no ink is placed on the shirt in those areas and the white fabric of the shirt shows through.  I did my first batch of shirts this way, and although I’m wearing the shirt I ordered, and it’s not the worst thing in the world – it isn’t what it should be.

So they have a different technique when you print on a dark fabric – both white and black inks are used.  In other words, you don’t get bits of the shirt showing through, although if you want to, you can have that option by using transparency layer — but I don’t see the point in that.

Anyway, I’m starting to add dark t-shirts and hoodies etc. Only problem is that this is a higher quality shirt, and costs more.  But that’s the only way to go.

Won’t clog the blog with a zazzle pic. but  you can see what I’m up to with the t-shirts here.


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