New York Romance Poster

With the last Christmas order now on the way, I can do some more hopefully creative work with the Zazzle posters. This takes nine images from the calendar, and makes one very large poster. I think it can be printed at something like 70 inches across. I did pull one trick with it — since the poster is going to be resized by Zazzle, I wanted to use their vector graphics (text) but be able to place it in the photo against a lighter background. So I made a spot for the title, and lightened it up in Photoshop.

Then when I made the poster in Zazzle, I used their vector type and placed it in the box I had made for it. I also have begun to include more “rule lines” of my own which is something you can’t do very well in Zazzle. In short, you want to upload a bitmap image (png, jpg etc.) and leave the vector stuff to them as much as possible.

Now, there may be ways to do ruled lines etc. (not around the entire print but just a section of it) through Zazzle but I haven’t found that yet.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.