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Oh, and buried behind a pile of drying prints is an unopened Zazzle calendar which I forgot all about.  I’m going to take a look at it now.

They always do a good packaging job.

The calendar (the small one) is okay, but it does exhibit a fair amount of magenta metamerism that I find with Print on Demand services. It’s pretty easy to notice since one bulb is daylight temp. and another is tungsten, and you can watch the color shift from neutral under daylight to magenta under tungsten.

MyPublisher did the best job as far as calendar quality and lack of color shift.

Next step, to order a few posters.   I went through a year of futzing with all this when I was doing the print-on-demand book thing.  As I say in that article, MyPublisher was the best at printing b&w (given the price) and SharedInk was better in terms of thickness of paper and also did a good job with the ink but was more expensive.  Both, MyPublisher and SharedInk were too expensive for me to make any sort of decent profit on a book.

Zazzle allows you to set your own royalty percentage. They have a lot of tools for building up exposure for your products.  The one thing I have learned is that it is dumb to spend a lot of time working on a product that from the start is doomed not to make any money.

I’ve see people at Zazzle with a 90% royalty for their posters.

Okay, just bought three zazzle posters, (60 percent off today only) each on a different sort of paper, starting with their standard low end, and going up to gold.  When I first saw the different media levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold, I though they were talking about the tint of the print or something.  No, it’s the weight and archival quality of the print.  So this should be interesting and if nothing else – I can use them for Christmas presents. (UPS 3-5 days).  I’m really hoping the posters turn out well, at least at the Silver level.  I also want to try them on canvas.  According to their notes, there will be no color shift on canvas.

These are all either from large format or medium format cameras, and I put the largest files up that they allowed.

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Today I’m going to order a bunch of my own posters from Zazzle since they are offering a 60% discount with the code: 12DEALZAZZLE

Even I can’t resist that, and frankly I’ve just gotten the posters into formats that make sense.  When I first began making the posters I was letting the software decide on the proper size, now what I do is decide what size (there’s a list of common sizes on the make poster page) and I pick the one that makes sense, and I don’t crop the picture but leave it in it’s natural proportions and just leave white space around it.

In other words, one of the differences between the posters and the prints, is that the image on the poster isn’t cropped whereas if you order a 5 x 7 print (for example) of an image that was shot at 4×5 proportions – of course it is going to be cropped.  No one can seem to understand that.  I have spent hours on the phone with designers trying to explain that when they ask for an image that began as a 4×5 negative and they want it at 40 x 60 inches, of course it will be cropped.  I have not met a designer or interior decorator that understood that idea without my explaining it first.

Anyway, this will give me a chance to check out the quality of the posters and whether the basic design stuff I’m doing with them makes sense.  I also had the bright idea of making a poster for two nearby stores that have offered to hang my prints.  Instead of a print – why not a poster, already framed, with my name and website.

Another cool thing, is that once I get my large png files up there (yes they fully support png) I can reuse them for various purposes, and marketing is one of them.  In other words, I’m going to make up something inexpensive that I can send along with orders.  If I order in bulk I can get a pretty good price on cards, etc.

Well, that’s it from the marketing people at Beckerman-Zazzle for now.  Today is my day to really get cracking at prints.  My plan is to try and get everything out this week.  Period.  I have my own Christmas shopping to do – and then it would be enjoyable to take a trip to a rest home that doesn’t allow cameras.


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