Trash Collector, 4 a.m.


Whatcha doin’ man?

Just takin’ pictures of people workin’ at night.

Oh, that’s cool.

Are you gonna ride the truck now?

No man, gotta pickup crap from the other side of the street.

Okay – have a good night.

You too.

* * *

I’ve been working at night due to the influx of orders.  During the last two days I printed, matted, packaged and shipped about 15 prints, mostly 11 x 14 and 12 x 18 size.  I just looked at the order inbox.  I still have 35 prints to go (assuming I don’t get any other Christmas orders).

My father ordered a copy of Judith’s book from Amazon – well actually he had me order it since he had trouble figuring out how to find it.  He’s so happy to see this book stuff, assuming it will as if it will give me a good pr bump.  I doubt that.  But I also doubted that the book would ever get finished.  I doubt just about anything and everyone.

Judith tells me it’s much better for her if you order the book directly from her site, since Amazon takes a huge cut of the sale.  Her site is:

However, my “crackbrained” idea with Zazzle has worked out well so far, but the holidays aren’t a fair test.  I expect next year, even with my various new income streams (lessons, zazzle, and prints) that it will still be a struggle unless something big happens.

I don’t know what that “big thing” will be – and I expect that eventually it will happen – I just hope it happens before Matt and I are racing scooters at 10 mph down Fifth Avenue.  I think I’ll have the senile street shooting edge because of my Mr. Gadget experience.  My scooter will have a small tripod attached to one of the arms that with a video feed to my eyeglasses and a switch to “stagger” the speed of the scooter while I take a shot, and then continue on, emulating what I do when I’m walking with the camera.  Matt will still be with his Leica, but he’ll be forced to make his own film in the bathtub at night since film will have disappeared or become too expensive for someone on social security.

Nevertheless, he will christen his scooter the TruthMobile.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

4 thoughts on “Trash Collector, 4 a.m.”

  1. Oh Dave…the truth is out there in a can of TRI-X…Your Canon “21-D” will have a button called “Elliot Erwitt mode” designed to capture funny moments. When you wake up from your nap and your nurse wipes the spittle of your beard, you will be able to review all of the day’s best pictures…

  2. Matt, are you sure those 21-Ds are available? This afternoon I stopped off at B & H and this big, big girl at the counter said they only had 44-Ds left. She winked at me.

    I asked her about the Elliot Erwin mode and she said humor and irony modes are still in the experimental stage. Apparently they’ve been having trouble with the pratfall settings.

    I don’t think either of you guys need to worry about longevity. I read a study in the New England Journal of Medicine that showed that under-recognized photographers live an average of 93 years. Scientists hypothesize that there is a hormone generated in the visual cortex of the brain that just happens to extend life expectancy.

    I’m going out to buy that 44-D as soon as I can.

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