Bloomingdales, Dave, Judith, Sid

Lester, who I kept hectoring about how he was shooting (using flash, looking at every image after shooting etc.) did a beautiful tribute of the signing. The video is also (of course) now available on YouTube.  Here’s the link if you want to pass it around:

Well, that really went well. By the time I left Judith had just about sold out all the john lennon: in their own write books. And I was happy to see that Sid Bernstein showed up, and not only that but he was an absolute doll to work with. 90 years old, and he offered me half of his danish when he arrived. This has been an object lesson in perseverance, on the part of Judith.

Amazing coincidence – the woman in the second photo next to Judith has several parrots.  I recognized her as someone I had photographed at the Mermaid Day parade.  We both remembered that day – a few years back – and the shot of the parrots.  Maybe I’ll see if I can find it.

It was also a nice reunion – for me to see my sister meet Lester who she hasn’t seen in – must be over 20 years.  I was also able to have Ross (the videographer) come and I got to do a short interview with Sid (yes, after a few minutes you find yourself calling him Sid).  On top of that, I forced Lester to bring a CD of his songs and pass it off to Sid’s PR person who promised to give it a listen.

Photo by Lester

And yes – that’s me laughing in the plaid shirt (a birthday gift). Cast of Characters, from left to right: Judith Furedi (author), me (photographer for book), Sid Bernstein (the one and only), Ross (videographer), and I forgot her name (PR person for Sid).  One of the few shots that caught me in a happy, engaged moment.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

9 thoughts on “Bloomingdales, Dave, Judith, Sid”

  1. Dave

    The photos are fabulous!

    You are fantastic. Thanks for coming and thanks for the photos
    and the wonderful memories of a special day!

    You actually look very cute in that plaid shirt! ;)!


  2. More photos of the signing put to music on It really was a great time with lots of beautiful, talented people. Sid Bernstein was amazing at 91, Judith was gracious and poised, and Dave was the life of the party.

    Tuesday is the 29th anniversary of Lennon’s death. It’s sad to think about how much richer the world would have been if we had 29 more years of his artistry.

  3. Great Pictures Dave,

    Gald I could see thes epix’s here since I was unable to make it to the Bloomie’s. Sid looks great and Judith looks fantastic and deserves all she can get going with the book.

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