Infrared 2010 Calendar

Is now available through Zazzle.

Free Shipping – Monday only (cyber Monday)
What is nice about this setup is that the user can choose from three sizes, and even customize the color of the wire binder.  The images I put up are pngs, at sRGB and should give good quality.  I guess I’ll be the first to order one.
* * *
Of course I was so excited to start off with the t-shirts that I didn’t really read all the instructions.  The first one arrived today (Subway Car) and it is promising.  The shirt itself is Hanes and is a fine quality T-Shirt.  But I order a white one and designed it for white, and there is a special process you need to use to get white on a white t-shirt and I didn’t do it.  So what you get is the shirt showing through wherever there is white.  It really isn’t that bad; but I see now after reading through their instructions that I can get a much better effect on a dark background using a PNG file with a transparency.  I can then tell it which areas should be transparent, ie. show the shirt, and which should be white.  So I pulled the T-Shirts and I’m going to do another one on a black background and see how I do.
All in all, I’m very impressed with Zazzle.  The online software is easy to use.  You can create sets to manage your images (i.e. one set for calendars, another for shirts etc.) and the one support question I emailed was answered very quickly and you felt there was a person on the other end.  That’s unusual.
I did the Calendars with PNG files at high resolution, so I have hopes they’ll turn out well.  I can’t order everything I put up or I’ll go broke, but I will order one example from each product group which will be the most difficult thing to print.
As they say – so far – so good.

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