Three Women

Out to Great Neck to visit dad, and on the way back did some shooting in Penn Station and then on 34th street where I took this shot.


Spending the next day finishing up two calendars.  One is just called New York (something) which is mostly touristy pictures; and the other one is a day to night to morning with actual people in it called New York Daily (for now).  That’s the one with the shots that I think are the most difficult in it.  The first one is “beauty shots.”  I’m spending so much time working on the Zazzle products – and it is always refreshing to get out and do my usual street type shooting. Whether they’re wearing wigs, or just have the exact same hair – I don’t know – but it was one of those shots where I walked past them, then turned around and walk past again thinking about the shot, and then returned a third time with the framing in my head.

I didn’t have any trouble shooting in Penn Station – maybe because I was so touristy looking today and because I asked a cop if it was okay to shoot before I did, and he was behind me the whole time watching.  Fine with me.  I don’t care.  I figured that way if anyone bothered me I could turn to the cop and say he gave me permission.  Penn Station is one of those spots where I’ve been warned not to do any shooting at least three times.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

3 thoughts on “Three Women”

  1. In this particular sect, the female child in the stroller will get the identical hairstyle upon reaching puberty and make the ritual pilgrimage to Macy’s for her shin-length skirt and coat.

    Her marriage will be arranged by the elders of East Gilboa, NJ to a male from West Gilboa, NJ. The groom’s hair will be done in the style of Glen Campbell and he will be dressed in a rhinestone cowboy shirt.

    You will notice that because the sect has eschewed modern electronic devices as being the tools of Beelzebub, the older woman on the right is forced to make a cell phone call for a taxi cab without the use of a cell phone. Her daughters are obviously miffed that the cab has not yet arrived.

  2. Well, this is simply “well-caught.” I could resort to crazed/tortured metaphors, but why bother? You did good.

    – Barrett

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