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New York Pause

When the streets are really hopping around the holidays – I look for this sort of thing a lot.  Nothing new, I can think of at least that great Embrace / Kiss by Doisneau even if it did turn out to be posed.  I’ve really got nothing against faking shots – whether with PS or creating the scene.  Oh what a big furor it created.  But how much pleasure it gave people to see the image.  Political fakery seems wrong – it’s just propaganda.  But if your purpose is simply to make a pleasing image – there are worse sins in the world than that.  And trickery has been around since the very beginning of photography – generally for the same purpose as Doisneau.  I think that so long as you keep your tricks to yourself – it’s fine.  Magicians don’t explain their tricks for the same reason.  However, just for the record – there’s no trickery involved here – just a shutter speed of 1/40th of a second and a lot of waiting around by Bloomingdales.

I actually sat down looking for a shot that would be good for the holidays – and to wish everyone out there a happy and healthy Thanksgiving – and although I know I get to whining and complaining about money every few days – I’m thankful for what I have and where I think I’m going.  I hope you all are too.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Excellent Dave – really, really like that. Woke up at around four this morning with a very similar idea running around my head. This has spurned me on.

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