Lightroom 3 (beta) & Flickr

If you are publishing pictures to Flickr and also a Lightroom user, than I have to say this is a great treat. I never used Flickr much because it was always an extra step to upload, to write the title and the caption etc. when I was already doing this for my blog and my photo store. But Lightroom 3 has a very neat way to publish stuff to Flickr without a lot of extra work. It pulls the title from the title field, and the caption from the caption field and can create sets on Flickr to correspond to your sets in Lightroom. And — if you have a Pro-Account with Flickr, it will let you make modifications in Lightroom and republish just the images that have changed.

If you don’t have a Pro Flickr account then you’d have to delete the images from Flickr and publish them when you make changes. But anyone who’s making a career of this and sees Flickr as another place for exposure isn’t going to balk at the $25 a year fee for the Pro Account.

I still haven’t fully explored this, but I uploaded 28 images, some with titles some without just to see how it works.

And if you don’t feel like adding them to a set, you can just drop them into the Photostream. You also have all the same controls that you’d have for any export in terms of:

Watermarking, size, sharpening etc. Like I say – pretty neat. Oh – and Lightroom keywords that you assign to the image will show up as TAGS when published to Flickr.


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