Lamp in Window (and some Lightroom 3 Beta Stuff)


I added a touch of film grain to this one… not something you can see at this size – but it is very pleasant at 100%.  I sort of wish they had presets for it.  Or a way to save your grain settings.   Maybe that’s there somewhere.  LR3 comes setup with Flickr plugin.  When I disabled the plugin with plugin manager I was able to close LR3 beta a few times without it crashing.  And yes, the masking tool continues to work for me.  That’s the main reason I would go into Photoshop so I wonder what else I’ll be visiting PS for.

I’m sort of forcing myself to do all my processing in LR3 beta  so I get used to the new features.  Tomorrow I have a whole bunch of printing to get done and I’m going to use LR3 for it.  That should be interesting.

The Watermark feature, as nice as it is – also isn’t perfect. If you go to save a watermark with a name you’ve already used it won’t allow you to overwrite it.  The logic of creating and saving watermarks is not exactly standard.  The rendering isn’t perfect either.  Depending on the font you use, it may get mangled up when the TEXT watermark is used.  I’ll probably end up with a graphic watermark.  They should also include a way of adding borders to the image when during the export process.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

2 thoughts on “Lamp in Window (and some Lightroom 3 Beta Stuff)”

  1. Huh? You can save grain setting just like any other preset … When you create a new or modify an existing preset there’s a new check box “Grain” to include the settings in the preset.

  2. Dave-
    margin is perfect, thanks.
    One other thing I get a can’t find page message now about twice a week on your site, will do a screen shot next time it happens. I immediately reload and the blog appears so, have thought to mention.
    But, for the non-devotees out there, it would be worth looking into.

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